Top 5 Bizarre Cosmetic Surgeries

If you’re in the market for a plastic surgery that’s even weirder them Michael Jackson’s many failed attempts, you’re in the right place.

Here are 5 of the most bizarre cosmetic surgeries out there.

• P…P…Pokerface

• Baby’s Blue Eyes.

• Change your future in 6 easy cuts!

• Footlifts.

• Moustache Implants.

• Dimples are us.


Although not strictly plastic surgery, as bizarre cosmetic procedures go this one’s a winner. If you would like to annihilate your expressions totally, $600-$800 dollars will buy you a face full of Botox and no expressions for about four months! No one but a professional poker player could possible want this one, but the option’s there if you do!

Baby’s Blue Eyes.

Not happy with the eye colour you were born with? Plastic surgery can help, if you’re so desperate to bat those baby blues you’ll undergo this bizarre cosmetic surgery.

This surgery has a good heart behind it, as so many do. It was originally designed to correct certain eye defects like ocular albinism, but is now being used for permanent eye colour alterations, too. Just as with medical grade intraocular lenses, these superb medical grade silicone implants in,29993 are inserted through a 3mm incision to unfold over your own iris. Should you get board, or should it become medically necessary, they can be removed.

Change your future in 6 easy cuts!

Palmistry and the prediction of your future based on your hand lines is a popular means of fortune-telling in the East, so naturally Japan has taken it one step further with this next bizarre cosmetic surgery. In this plastic surgery, a few simple incisions of the surgeon’s knife will change your destiny by rearranging the lines to something more suited to your tastes. Best 15 minutes of your life? Maybe.


Like so many of these bizarre cosmetic surgeries, this one has its real world uses. Many people suffer from unsightly foot deformities like bunions, and plastic surgery to correct these issues isn’t a novel concept. It can be medically necessary, and can boost the confidence and the comfort of people who needed it. But it’s been taken a step [no pun intended] further with elective foot surgery to enable you to correct any ‘problem’ with your feet you choose, including that dire medical condition, fat toes. Or have your toes altered for narrower feet.

Moustache Implants.

In perhaps the most bizarre of our bizarre cosmetic surgeries, this lunatic plastic surgery involves the transplantation of a moustache to your lip from…hirsute areas best not mentioned. Turkey has long specialised in hair transplants for baldness, and this takes it a step further. At $5000 it doesn’t come cheap though, be warned!

Plastic surgery

Dimples are us.

If you’ve ever wanted to enhance your smile with these oh-so-cute natural features, hang in there…you can now buy them. By incising and suturing the offending area, you’ll have your custom designed dimples [and your bizarre cosmetic surgery] in one easy package.

From the meant-for-other-things to the truly bonkers, these bizarre cosmetic surgeries take the world of plastic surgery to new and dizzying heights of the strange and the absurd.

Bizarre Medical Facts about plastic surgery

Whether it’s right up your alley or something you wouldn’t consider in a million years, these bizarre medical facts about plastic surgery will get your mind churning.

Boobs, bums and…chins?

Did you know that one of the most requested plastic surgeries out there is chin augmentation? Although it’s still outstripped by the classic breast augmentation in popularity, at its peak in 2000 27000 people went for a chin augmentation procedure, and figures haven’t fallen much.

If it seems a strange thing to augment, think a bit deeper. Besides those procedures deemed necessary by medical professionals and reconstructions after accident, chin augmentation is a popular way to fight off the effects of ageing- which often begins to show at with the chin and neck.

Want to look like a teenager? So do teenagers!

In 2011, 230 000 teenagers under 19 underwent plastic surgery. So much for the old stereotype of trying to reclaim lost youth! Most of these were for breast augmentations. Although it’s only 2% of the overall population seeking surgery, it’s a staggering thought.

Plastic Surgery started on the dead.

Evidence of post-mortem attempts to reshape the body- in other words, plastic surgery- have been found on ancient mummies. In particular, Ramses the Second’s long and arching nose was restored after the ravages of dehydrating the body for mummification in order that his people would still recognise him in the afterlife. These were, of course, solely cosmetic rather than medical.

Caucasians are more likely to have plastic surgery then non-Caucasians

Statistically, more Caucasians undergo plastic surgery than any other ethnic group. This is likely driven in the main by economic circumstances, but also links closely to fears for greater scarring on darker skins more prone to such marks.

It’s fantastic, made of plastic?

The ‘plastic’ part of plastic surgery doesn’t come from botched jobs that make you look like a Barbie left in the sun to long, it’s actually derived from the Greek word for moulding- as that’s what the surgeon is seeking to do. Unsurprisingly, ‘real’ plastic shares the root word with the medical procedure.

Moobs are not as new as you think.

We have historical records of the Greeks and Romans considering attempts at early plastic surgery- to reconstruct noses, eyes, lips, teeth and even fade scars commonplace. Cornelius Celsus even describes the process of reducing breast tissue in men- meaning moobs have been around a lot longer than you think!

One good thing from the Great War.

World War 1 is not really associated with great things, but it’s thanks to the efforts of WW1 surgeons that the American Association of Plastic Surgery was founded to make procedures safer and cut down on charlatans in the profession.

medical facts

Plastic Surgery for Fido.

In a rather mad turn of events, you can now receive plastic surgery for companion animals. Whilst some of these procedures have medically necessary roots and can help restore quality of life to our beloved pets, they range into lunacy territory when you consider that you can have fake testicles restored to neutered dogs and more.

Whatever you think about plastic surgery, it’s a fascinating world chock full of the weird and medically wonderful.